Ok, today is driving me nuts.

1. I am SICK of being SICK.
2. I spilled water ALL OVER myself, my desk, my book (not just any book... it was "So you're getting Married")
3. Today's most exciting e-mail; "Patient Safety Commission News Releases"
4. If I was who I should be, who would I be?
5. Lost in Fantasy Football AGAIN.
6. Feeling like I didn't mean anything to anyone.
7. I don't think anyone actually believes that I care.

Heh, and just to show you how down I feel... I don't even feel like posting a Bible verse.


amanda said...

sorry your having a bad day. :( I hope you feel better. :)

kc said...

aw, ben! i still care! i know that i don't really get to see anyone or talk to anyone, but i still care!