Ah, it's about that time at the office. Poinsettas and trees are coming out, lights strung across open spaces, little snowmen and Santas sitting on shelves. Everyone's in the spirit, putting green and red napkins and tablecloths everywhere...


It ISN'T CHRISTMAS YET. In fact, it's still a week until THANKSGIVING for crying out loud. What are you people doing? This makes absolutely no sense to me, ESPECIALLY given the value of the two holidays. Taken from a secular perspective, Thanksgiving should be MUCH more important than Christmas. Family, food, and football are much more American values than giving things away and getting things you don't want, right?

Ok, so I'm a bit of a Scrooge. But still, it seems like you could at LEAST wait until it's less than 50 degees out. Even the LEGISLATURE isn't out on vacation yet, which is saying something.

In other news, the Tigers are making some BIG free-agent moves. Now THAT's a future event I can get excited for.

I saw an interesting quote on a co-workers wall; May you live all the days of your life.

Interesting, huh? We only get a certain number of days, and they're ticking down at a pretty consistent rate. How now shall we live? We should be fighting to have meaning, to have joy, to contribute. How? Glorify God, of course. You knew it had been too long since I preached a bit. As I've been teaching through Ephesians, it amazes me to see how central this concept is to the gospel message. We are CREATED to worship, DESIGNED to worship, ENCOURAGED and even COMMANDED to worship. Is your life worshiping God? Or are you, like everyone else in this world, worshiping your self?

p.s. Quick quiz: Is Samantha more gorgeous with her hair up, back, or down? I'm curious to see what general opinion is. E-mail me if you prefer confidentiality.

p.s.s. Bonus points for whomever can find the hidden book title (which I highly recommend) in today's post.


Anonymous said...

Book Title = How Now Shall We Live

Benjamin said...

We have a winner! Except, um... we don't know who it is. Care to reveal yourself, Anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Do I care to reveal myself? By what means? I could tell you my name, but it wouldn't matter--we've never met.

Chris Arndt said...

He's got a point, boyo.

On the other hand, the only way any man gets himself a free drink is if other people know his name.

Chris Arndt said...

And yes, my friends, Ben Bartlett is a bit of a scrooge. He wouldn't even get involved when I pushed to decorate the dorm room our Freshman year.