Fun notes and pictures.

Ok, I have a series of more serious posts coming up, so I thought I'd throw a few fun things out there first.

First of all, to satisfy Jamie and any other Isaiah fans out there, here are a couple pictures.

Dude, chill.

Who are you people?

Me and My Buddy

The End of a Long Day... or 2 hour period.

Second, Drew complained that my last couple Moments of Beauty have featured Asians (Pavoratti and Al Pacino nonwithstanding). So, here is a decidedly non-Asian Moment of Beauty just for Drew. The singer is Eva Cassidy, and if you enjoy this song you'll likely enjoy this and this as well.

Finally, I definitely recommend that you see Prince Caspian. Here is a helpful review for your consideration!

Take care!


Baby Isaiah Pics!

Hey folks,

Thanks again for your prayers and support. Here are some pictures from a crazy and wonderful weekend!

The Infamous, "Grumpy Old Man"

Isaiah Sees The Light

Mommy and Isaiah

Daddy and bored Isaiah

Funny Face

Sleeping... again.

Growing Family

If you want to see more, click on the "My Pictures" link on the sidebar.


I'm a father!

Hey Folks,

I'm a Daddy! Samantha's water broke around 3:15 yesterday morning, and we went to the hospital. She was throwing up because of the contraction pains, so she had an epidural around 6:15. From there, it was just a matter of waiting until she was fully dilated.

Isaiah was born at 1:13 on May 3... Derby Day! It was one of the ugliest and most beautiful things I've ever seen. He literally looks like a grumpy old man... the back half of his head is covered in hair, and the front half is bald!

He was a pretty big kid for being a few days early- 8 pounds, 3 ounces, and 20.5 inches long. We love him to pieces even though he's so funny looking.

I've been trying all day to post pictures, until I finally realized the hospital doesn't seem to allow uploads. So, you'll just have to wait a day or two.

Throughout all this, God has been exceedingly kind. An easy pregnancy, my sister and wife delivering two days apart, getting a job. I can only pray that we lean on him in the good times in the same way we were forced to in the very hard times.

Thanks for all your love and prayers,


Oh yes, and here it is... your Moment of Beauty. This is a special one that talks about three of my favorite things- children, classical music, and Sesame Street!