This is great. Work at MHA is fun, interesting, stimulating... can't say enough about it. The people here are super nice, and take time to teach me the (many) things I don't know. Who would have known nurse-staffing ratios could be so exciting? I wish it wasn't so terrific sometimes... I'm really struggling with what I thought was God's calling to be a pastor. Did I just hear wrong? It would be one thing if it were a simple matter of waiting for a couple years, but it seems that certain key people aren't too sure about this calling either. Ah well, not much I can do about it. For now, I suppose, it's just a matter of serving God as best I can with what I have.

Other than work, things are rolling along smoothly. I saw my first Lugnuts game with Samantha, which was fun even though it was the SADDEST display of hitting I have seen since... well, since the Tigers last year. :-) UBC is fun as always. Dave gave me an absolute THUMPING in ESPN football. WARNING TO THE INNOCENTS: DO NOT PLAY WITH THE CARDINALS. I know it's a computer game and all... but is Josh McKown really THAT bad?

I read Isaiah 58 last night, which is a super interesting chapter. It's one of the best exhortations to be completely sold out for God that I've seen in the OT. "You cannot fast as you do today and expect your voice to be heard on high." Powerful stuff.

Also, I called my mom and sister. They're so funny. The Bam didn't hear the Momzer on the phone, so of course she told me all the same stories as my mom. Heh, it was fun to talk to them, though I'm quite happy to keep things this way. No more "home life" for me, thanks.

Anyways, that's all for now. More to come later when I'm in a more thoughtful mood.