Ok, folks, here it is... Ben's official prediction for the Presidential campaign! Take note... it is 4:00 on November 2, so there have been no exit polls or early results. (In case you haven't noticed, I'm seeking to establish a reputation as an excellent vote-counter) Going by last year's map, I predict that President Bush will gain Iowa and Wisconsin, states he lost last year, and lose New Hampshire and Ohio, states he won last year. Thanks to reapportionment, this means that he will win the election... by a razor-sharp two electoral votes! It will be close. Any variation from my model in the "major" swing states (Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Florida), and it will be a HUGE victory for one or the other. Point being, folks... you heard it here first. May the best man win! (and if he doesn't, may we survive Kerry)

p.s. This is a good place to go to try out your OWN presidential scenarios.

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amanda said...

well I suppose it was a good thing that Bush won Ohio eh? :) interesting predictions.. I thought bush would lose ohio... wow the race was soo close in a lot of the swing states..