Are you up for a challenge? I'm warning you, this isn't going to be easy. Try reading and thinking about this article in First Things, one of my favorite intellectual journals. It challenges Christians to develop our intellectual lives, to engage the world with more than a fired-up, my way or the highway type of mentality. Each of us, I think, has a responsibility to evangalize not just by saying Jesus loves you, but by also showing that the idea of Christianity works at all levels, including the intellectual. It's the TRUTH, right? So why are we afraid that we can't compete in that realm? I, for one, fully believe that we can, and should. So read the article and be thinking... how can I contribute (in my particular area of knowledge, be it medecine or business or what have you) to expressing Christianity as a viable life philosophy? The more we commit ourselves to learning and teaching, the more effective we will be as witnesses.

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