Here are a couple of excellent articles I read today. I strongly suggest you check them out, even though they're a bit long. Start with this one, which discusses how we're creating a nation of wimps.


Next, read this one, which discusses the underlying trends that support the kind of music that is so popular these days.


Can you see where we're headed? Educate yourselves, folks. As a leading philospoher wrote this past month,

"Admittedly, history does not provide many examples of the revival of liberal democracies that turned against their founding principles in culture and morality... The Church and the promise it bears and anticipates will increasingly be posited, not by our choice, against this (present day) constitutional order. That may well be the future; and for that future we must be braced, and work to equip the next generation for heroic fidelity."

Can you see it? Dear friend, please have the openness and the courage to see and know what is.


amanda said...

I read your first article it was very good an enlightening

amanda said...

All I see is the utter destruction of our society, that is if both articles hold true, since childern are not becoming adults till their 30s then the trend of what the angst teenager’s songs say will continue. I suppose parents are worrying too much about what they do not know and not enough about what they should know already. Leave playing up to the childern and for the parents relationship building and the job. Those articles were rather long. I have never been a fan of the type of music eminem and other musicians sing but now that I read the article I suppose it’s a little more clear to me of why they write the lyrics that they do. I suppose that is what the populace of young adults are like and I all I can say that is very sad.

Benjamin said...

Good thoughts, Amanda. What I'm trying to point out here is the trends towards corruption and decay in our society. It puts a high calling on us as Christians to fight the trends by being wise about a) recognizing what's happening in our culture and b) doing something about it.

ST said...

thanx for the great advice...i never looked at it from dat point of view. i won 3 superbowls in 2K4...didn't even start franchise in 2K5 yet i'll get around to it. i heard Daver is playing 2K5 again...which he shouldn't be cuz i drove him into retirement