I read an interesting article today by, of course, A.W. Tozer. It was called the Tragedy of waste, and discusses how we use the grace we have been given. He says that we have been given three key things by God; time, money, and talents. We have also been givin opportunities to use those three things. Someday we will be judged before God... how important is it that we take those opportunities, regardless of the cost? What are we building and saving for, anyways?

Sometimes I'm frustrated because I feel as though my job is a waste, and that I could be doing more for God doing something else. However, whatever the job situation may be, I have lots of opportunities to serve him within the life I lead. It's important that I take those, and make the most of them. It's important that my life is always glorifying God, no matter what I'm doing. I need to use my time, money, and talents to praise his name here on earth.

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