Just some short thoughts for now...

Quick video game update... Dave gave me a THOROUGH thumping last night in Mario Tennis, and then went on to defeat me in ESPN 2k5 as well! He is clearly not as demoralized as I thought. No more NY Jets for me... I'm going back to the Lions.

Also, guess what happened two years ago today? I was in Washington DC, on the phone with a certain adorable Asian... and I asked her out! That's right, today is the two year anniversary of asking Samantha to be my girlfriend. Of course, now she's my fiance, so within about 6 months or so we'll have a REAL anniversary to celebrate. How quickly life changes... and how lucky I am!

Final thought. Why don't they have a Quiznos in downtown Lansing, for crying out loud?


Anonymous said...

aww, that's sweet. happy anniversary!!

ben i miss you!! i miss frisbee... i haven't played in SO long. rar.

that's about it. i just played mario tennis today, and i won. yoshi rocks. haha!!

Anonymous said...

YAY Ben! I hope you had a wonderful day! Congratulations :)
~ jess

Anonymous said...

Man Quiznos is amazing, i can only laugh at you for not having one in Lansing. As for Samantha congratz..im surprised you had the guts to ask her out.:-P