Some thoughts for today...

If you haven't yet, PLEASE read the Peter Principle. It's an absolute riot.

Never in the history of sports commentary has a columnist been proven so right. Please check out Tuesday Morning Quarterback on www.nfl.com in relation to the Colts-Patriots game.

I would love your comments; do you personally prefer carpeted or hardwood floors in your bedroom?

Finally, ask yourself this question: In my growth as a person, what has educated me the most? And what is it about myself that responds so well to that kind of learning? Next, think of ways to use that knowledge.


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amanda said...

I am currently locked out of my room so I suppose I will comment to make the time past by. Lets see I won't bother reading about sports because that does not interest me.

In my bedroom I prefer hardwood because you can always put a rug on the floor if you need to. Hardwood is very durable if you have childern or pets. Plus it looks traditional though it's a little more expensive then carpet. Most homes have carpet in the bedroom usually hardwood is an extra feature unless your buying an older home.

With a considerable amount of thought I have concluded what educates me the most is when I teach myself not when others teach me. However this would obviously involve some passion and desire to learn a given subject. I enjoy finding things out on my own instead of people giving me all the answers though I know that sometimes I would rather take the easy way out and have someone give me the answer. Furthermore I feel that the only way you truly learn something is when you realize it on your own. You could be told for years that God answers prayer and hear many testimonies where God has been faithful to a person’s needs. On some level I do believe you do understand that concept that God answers prayer however, only in relation to how it affects other people. Now when this simple fact becomes your own testimony in your life I feel like you have more of a tendency not to forget because you have the personal experience to reinforce the fact. My response to my gained knowledge would be to keep that in mind when faced with other decisions or situations.

To tell you the truth I am a pretty slow learner...