I've been learning so many lessons recently from John Adams, second president of the United States. His life and his story inspire me because he is a fantastic example of what a single life can mean. Mr. Adams was not a genius, nor was he incredibly eloquent. He tended to be a little self-satisfied at times, and could be extremely blunt. Maybe that's why I learn so much from him... we're so similar!

Despite these things, though, Mr. Adams fought to contribute all that he could. As a strong Christian, he desired to present God with a life lived in fullest service to him. He aspired to greatness not to be remembered, but to be satisfied at a job well done. When finished, he didn't want to say to God, "I was the greatest proponent of the Declaration of Independence, I was the most vehemently against slavery of anyone in Congress, I was the originator of the ideas that eventually made up the Constitution, I was the second President of the United States, I taught my son in such a fashion that HE became President of the United States..." Instead, he gave an accounting that includes seeking to serve others, even when they said he was arrogant and out for himself. He pointed out that at every turn, he did the best that he knew how to do. He was prouder of his faithfulness to his wife than he was of the trade treaty he negotiated with France. Certainly, he had his weaknesses and failings. At the end of the day, though, he wanted glory for God more than he wanted it for himself.

Isn't this the kind of person we want to be? Value is found in virtue, and virtue founded in the unchanging, absolute principles of the Bible. Great men are those that seek to serve God with their talents, their resources, and their very lives. That may include politics, or it may include farming. Each is different. However, it is certain that a Christ-centered life is fulfilling, satisfying, and significant... all those things that the truly great man wishes for.

So each day, as I plod through meaningless constituent letters and copy newspaper articles, I need to see that if I am focused on that goal of serving God and not myself, anything I do will be significant, because contributions to God's kingdom are the only things that will have permanent value anyways.

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