Hey Folks...

Here I am in DC! After a LONG and BORING vacation (punctuated by some wonderful highlights, thankfully), I am officially in DC and on my own. It's frustrating, I must say... despite the comfort of chatting on the phone, I really miss the emotional intimacy of relationships in CCF. Here, my fellow interns are hard-drinking womanizers... and I'm not exaggerating in the least. Still, I'm seeing the good in being here. Why?

For one thing, I'm all set for work. I still have a shot at the White House, but I've lined up an alternative even if I don't get it, so that's helpful. Congressman Rogers' office seems to like me a lot, since I know half the lobbyists in Michigan!

For another, DC is SOOOO fun. No homework, no classes, just lots of free time in my favorite city in the world. Believe it or not, today I walked over 6 miles round trip to get Vermacelli at Chinatown! Very cool, I know. It's so neat to be so close to all the sites; I'm across the street from the Heritage Foundation, 5 minutes walk from Union Station, and 10 minutes walk from the Capital. My house where I'm staying is well furnished. My room is the size of TWO MSU dorms, and I only have 1 roommate. Between the things the room came with and what my roommate and I brought, I have 3 lamps, a fridge, TV with cable, VCR, DVD, large windows, plenty of closet space, and a dresser. On top of all this, I'm already meeting people who are helping me "get to know" the town better.

Third, I've had a chance to get serious about some of my interests. I've been reading voraciously... including CS Lewis-Mere Christianity, Russell Kirk-The Roots of American Order, David McCollough-John Adams, a devotional with readings from some of the early church fathers, and of course the Bible. Not surprisingly, I'm seen as a bit of a geek (reads a lot, doesn't drink, isn't out to get laid, conservative, etc.) Still, I think that can be a good witness.

Finally, I think I'm starting to prove to myself that things will be ok in the end. I AM capable, I CAN surivive on my own without help from the 'rents, and I AM headed in the right direction. I've really been struck by some of my readings on John Adams, a guy who at age 20 was smart, ambitious, eloquent, loved reading, was a strong Christian, and was slightly arrogant... sound familiar? Even so, he struggled with whether he'd ever mean anything in life. Obviously, though, he went on to become one of the most important Founding Fathers that we had. I don't expect to reach those heights, but at least God is showing me that he can do plenty with me... I just need a little patience, surprise surprise.

Don't get me wrong... there are a lot of hard things about being here. I hate trying to cook and I'm sick of the loneliness and I'm tired of having to be careful about every detail of every relationship. I MISS CCF. Still, I think things are headed in the right direction. Keep praying for me... and feel free to call or e-mail! I really appreciate it when people take the time to call me... it lets me know that you want to stay in touch, and I'm willing to call you once in a while if you let me know you want it.

Well, I'm off to do some serious reading... have a great day!

Till next time.

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