Guess what?

Hey folks,

Yesterday Samantha and I went to the doctor's office, and got to see our little baby! It was moving around, kicking, and generally being problematic. However, it could not escape (not much room to work with) and we were able to see...

It's a boy!

We think that his body type looks a lot like me... for instance, he seems to have a thin face with a large head. It's still early, though, and of course you can't see skin or hair color.

The ultrasound is very cool. I was amazed by how clear the picture was. We could see his bones, his toes, his ears, his eyes and mouth... at one point, he opened his little mouth in what looked like a yawn (though it probably wasn't... he's under water!)

Anyways, at the moment we're planning on naming him Isaiah. We haven't decided on a middle name, though.

Thanks to everyone praying for us! We can hardly wait for our little son to arrive.

In the meantime, I need to start stocking up on trucks, sports equipment, and LEGOs!


Lindsay said...

AHHHH! So exciting! God knew you two wanted a boy first. :) I can't wait to see/talk with you guys this weekend.

grace said...

lol lots and lots of sporting equipment! ballin :)
not so much on the legos, that promotes nerdyness. haha.
but congrats on the boy.

Mary Mc said...

Congratulations!!!! I'm so excited for the blogosphere that I can know this great news even when miles away!

Zadok said...


Amanda said...

Yay!! A boy! I am very excited for the both of you. :)

grace said...

your son will become a pansy metrosexual as well.