Christ and Pop Culture

Ok, let's review the facts, strange though they may be.

I hate pop music.

I don't connect with teenagers.

I can't figure out what Mac and PC owners are always arguing about.

I purposely buy the most boring clothes I can find because I don't understand fashion.

I know more about political philosophy than I do about American Idol.

I buy the simplest, cheapest cell phones on the market.

I have never read Kurt Vonnegut or Steven King, but I have read Augustine and Oliver O'Donovan.

I do not text message. Ever.

The last music CD of secular music from after the 70's that I bought was the Garden State soundtrack.

I hate "Christmas season." Bah humbug.

I do not know what Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, or Prince William did in the past month.

My favorite pastimes are reading history, theology, and philosophy. Oh, and I really love baseball.

Of the music bands I like, exactly zero are still together.

My dream home is downtown Edinburgh, Scotland, so I can be near the castles and cathedrals. My anti-dream home is anywhere near Hollywood.

I like going to museums in Washington DC, and hate spending time in downtown Chicago.


I have no idea. But I am, and I really enjoy it. I think I'm the "old soul" in the group, but thankfully the other guys are a lot sharper and more knowledgable than me. I'm good for a different perspective on the same things.

Anyways, check us out, listen to our podcasts, and spend some time thinking about the pop culture YOU engage every day.

Christ and Pop Culture


grace said...

Alright this totally made me laugh to a level on which I haven't laughed in weeks.

I don't know why you like pop music, i can understand you and jim jones and hip hop and ballin' but pop is just so like middle ground

This is a lie. You have the ability to connect with teenagers it just takes a lot out of you. You have an amazing ability to talk to me at least and I'm freaking sixteen year old who has no patience and the fact that I listen to you is amazing cause i can count on one hand how many people I can say that about.

Mac's dominate. Apple is simply amazing. Ipods basically own the universe. One of these days when i make a million dollar job, I'm going to buy you a cool ipod touch and we're going to put GOOD music on it.

You have a fabulous sense of fashion, i believe we already decided that.

I'm going to send you a good CD and not like obnoxious Eminem but like something good like Savage Garden.

I'm going to text message you if it's not blocked and you better respond. I live on text messaging.

You're telling me you didn't go to the freakin grocery store and see two million tabloids of how Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie like babymaking? honestly now.

I enjoy reading history but sometime, we're going to get together and read a good romance novel or something fun.


We're going shopping in Chicago for your LITTLE GIRL'S clothes! Because you're a city boy with fabulous fashion skills ;) okay that wasn't entirely true but still.

I think you underestimate your connection with pop culture. I truely truely do or else I wouldn't have typed you this story about how amazing you are.

Jamie Butts said...

You sound like my husband, at least with the text messaging and Bah Humbug issues. (I hate text messaging, too!)
Like the C&PC Blog. Helpful. Let me know if we can help you wtih teh job search/CAL jobs.

Lindsay said...

whew! i did a lot of ben blog reading this afternoon!

i appreciated your post on christians and politics. you know i don't really get into politics but i enjoy hearing your thoughts.

i also read a few articles on the christ and pop culture blog. i like how it says, "where christian faith meets milli vanilli." hahaa

ben, i think you're pretty hip, but your wife is the one with style! :D