School restarts and so does blogging... I hope?

Ok, my buddy Riley called me out on not blogging in a while. There are a couple good reasons and one bad one.

The good reasons are these. FIRST, life has been extremely busy. Seminary classes are starting, I just accepted a job teaching classes for a classical education home-school program, and I've been asked to be deacon of college outreach at my church. Phew! I love all these things, I'm just needing to be good about using my time wisely to prepare well for each one. Thankfully, all of the above are fragmented enough (schedule-wise) that I'm not having any major problems yet.

SECOND, my computer died. Apparantly the power source needs to be replaced, and I don't really have the Ca$h for that new laptop I've been wishing for. So, we're internet free at the moment (I'm at the public library right now).

THIRD, well, I am lazy lots of times.

Hopefully, though, that will change once our computer is fixed. I hope to articulate the outworkings of my "Organizing principle for outreach" in a more practical way. I also hope to give more detailed updates of things I'm thinking about regarding camp, seminary, church, and books. We'll see if it happens or not! I appreciate your patience (knowing that the waiting is just killing you) while I try to find somebody who knows how to attach a power source and its millions of wires.


Riley said...

Ben, I am excited that you are going to start blogging again. I'm looking forward to it. By the way, good job beating Rich last night, that was sweet.

amanda said...

oh no, the computer does not work. I am sorry to hear that. I wish I could help you with that, though I think Dave would be a better person. A classical education teacher sounds like an exciting job. I have always thought you had a wonderful gift for teaching. I would like to hear more details about the structure of this type of education, though I have done some research on it. I heard classical education helps students with enhance thier critical thinking skills which I think is really important.