Thoughts on today's church

One of the disciplines I give a lot of time and thought to is asking how we can push our thoughts about the church to the very limit. In other words, how can we challenge ourselves in ways that bring more honor to God in the way that we do ministry.

Mark Driscoll is one of the masters in this category, so I'm posting a couple of short interview sections he did that have stretched my mind. Enjoy!

Driscoll on young leaders.

Driscoll on relating to sinners.

He has several more of these on YouTube, but these were the ones that challenged me the most.

How do you challenge your own mind and preconceptions?


Riley said...

Concerning the second interview, how can we do this in Old Louisville where our church is? Do you think that our church members are willing to invest the time it would take to get out into the community to get to know people, hang out with them where they are, ask them those questions? Are you willing to do this? Let me know what you think. I really like the thoughtful posts on your blog!

Benjamin said...


Good question! I'll work on a post that considers that very question.


Mrs. Jamie Butts :) said...

I know it's hard and a sacrifice of time and resources, but I pray that Dustin and I would be up for the challenges you mentioned, although I didn't watch the video. Keep us posted on your ideas as you help lead us in opportunities for outreach.