Shopping with Big Eyes

Samantha and I went shopping today. I hate food shopping. I'd rather read a book. Or go for a walk. Or beat my head repeatedly against the wall.

My loving wife knows this, so when she wants me to go shopping with her, she waits until it's nearing dinner time. I'm not a big eater, but even I get hungry. So, we go shopping.

Then, when we get to the store, she walks through at a slow, deliberate pace. She takes the cart and picks up the things we need. Meat, vegetables, fruit, milk, juice, and a couple of her favorite snacks.

Meanwhile, I wander around aimlessly and pick up anything that strikes my fancy. Cheeze-its, chips, pop, coffee, hot dogs, etc. Oh, and of course chocolate syrup!

See, I tend to shop with my eyes. If I'm not hungry, I don't buy anything (this includes the essentials, which is why living alone is a bad idea for me). If I'm hungry, though, I'm a lot like the kid holding a hammer, to whom everything is a nail. EVERY snack looks good when you're starving for any snack!

So, that was my afternoon. It's a good thing my wife is wise... I get my snacks, she gets her shopping trip, and I never have much reason to complain.

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Luis Carlos said...

Another favorite of mine: popule meus. Here's a link:


It is best appreciated when sung in Latin by monks. :)