Just a quick run...

Heh, I'm such a lazy bum. When I tell people about Southern Seminary, one of the many features I always mention is the wonderful athletic area. They have a weight room, pool, sauna, basketball court, ping pong tables, fooseball, track, racqetball courts, and organized intramural sports. And its all free for Samantha and I!

So naturally, today Samantha asked if I wanted to "work out." I don't believe in weight machines, so for me this means "run a mile on the track." And you know what? I tried to talk her out of it! What a bum.

My orientation is tomorrow... and then class on Monday! I'm getting excited. However, I'm getting nervous. I completely bombed the tests that you take to get out of the basic classes. Half the questions were on textual criticism and stuff like that. Trivia, if you ask me. Oh well. I'm here to learn, right?

We miss everyone!


amanda said...

have fun at orientation

Cece said...

Yea, you are there for learning! Maybe we should find that Trivia Pursuit game for Bible knowledge =)