If we were all to drop dead...

Orientation was today. I got to meet my fellow "seminarians" (there were a couple hundred, even though spring is a much more popular time to start!). I also got to chat with some of the professors and listen to a LONG litany of information I already know (the results of a geeky obsession with figuring everything out for the past couple years). It was impressive to see so many people wanting to serve God with their whole lives.

The most interesting part of a somewhat boring session was when Dr. Ware was reminding us that we don't NEED to rush through seminary as fast as possible and get out into the world.

As he put it, "Everyone in this room could drop dead right now... and it wouldn't slow the Kingdom of God one bit."

How's that for a first day rallying cry?


Cece said...

Wow, that's a powerful statement!

Luis Carlos said...

We all trust, though, that God is choosing to keep you alive for a reason, and we pray that you will be able to glorify Him with your life.

amanda said...

maybe the lectures will get more challanging in later in the semster.
that is a good perspective.... I have never thought about that way.