Renaissance Man

Ok, new nickname for my friend Dave. The Artist formerly known as David Cheng will now be referred to as Dave “Renaissance Man” Cheng. Why, you ask?

Well, the Renaissance Man is, “someone who becomes skilled, sometimes to greatness, in several areas. The Renaissance Man is someone who is constantly learning and mastering new skills. It's this quality that allowed fellows such as Leonardo Da Vinci to become skilled at both scientific and artistic endeavors.”

That fits Dave well. Let’s consider: He dresses well (a little deficient in the formal wear, but he’s young enough that it doesn’t matter). He’s a genius with computers. He is a good cook. He likes household activities. He has a terrific singing voice. He plays several instruments. He is a passionate and thoughtful worship leader. He has a servant’s heart. He works well with young people. He is God-centered and biblically focused in his theology. He is willing to teach, even though it’s not his favorite. He writes songs. He knows all the good websites. He uses coupons. He is one of the most perfect specimens of Christian humility I have ever met. He is a clear writer. He speaks multiple languages. He blends perfect smoothies. He is a top-notch fantasy football manager.

Perhaps MOST important, he is a good and caring friend, a (soon to be) husband to a terrific girl, and a faithful follower of Christ (in ascending order of importance, of course).


Ok, that’s neither here nor there. My point is this. It’s easy for me to be jealous of Dave, especially when I fear that I will always be a failure as a husband or father in comparison to him. But you know what? That fear of mine is terrible theology. God created us each in highly unique ways, and we need to be aware of that and USE it for His glory. For instance:

Some serve in studying and expressing biblical theology.
Some serve by helping the church’s finances.
Some serve through loving relationships and hospitality.
Some serve by loving and teaching children.
Some serve by doing websites and music videos.
Some serve through encouragement and friendships.
Some serve through meeting physical needs like health or hunger.

This is the beauty of Ephesians 4. We ALL can contribute to the Body, we all are DESIGNED to contribute to the Body, we are all COMMANDED to contribute to the Body, and therefore we MUST all contribute to the Body. It is our JOB to worship God by serving in the church and contributing to the Body, and my envy or self-detriment does not help accomplish that goal.

Dave may be the Renaissance Man, but you and I have just as much opportunity as he or anyone else does to become who God has called them to be. If I love God, I will serve Him with what He gave me… because that is why He gave it to me in the first place.


Benjamin said...

Heh... so, you want to see what comments people made on my blog, huh? Well, I sure would appreciate it if you left YOUR thoughts, dear reader. Take care!


amanda said...

I'll post like I always do! :) First of all I enjoy the movie the Renaissance Man. Second of all Dave could be the Renaissance Man as you say. I agree with you that we all have different gifts or talents that serve the body of Christ. I think it's tough when you aren't too sure where to serve or where you can serve but I think it's necessary to serve even if you think your not as gifted in a specific area (or maybe just be willing). I think some people use the self defeating talk or allow thier own fears to be justification why they don't serve God. However deep down inside their is a hand that tugs at thier heart which longs to serve this is because we were CREATED (you said designed) to serve.

amanda said...

**how to serve

Winky said...

Wow, thank you for that. I've been a little discouraged in leading because I've always feel that I'm not "qualified". And I appreciate the reminder that we all make up the Body of Christ and each and one of us are important. I agree with you that it is important to use the different gifts that God give us to serve him to the best of our ability.