Definition of Pissed

This is the old definition of being pissed off.

piss off
To make or become angry.
Used in the imperative as a signal of angry dismissal.

This is the new definition of pissed off.

1. When, for some mysterious reason, the program that runs your company's phone system suddenly (like, say, in March) makes it so that A) your phone does not display the fact that you have messages from the month of March and B) your phone doesn't put calls into your voice mail after March.

2. When the above situation makes it so that you do not recieve a call from a legislator's office.

3. When the above phone call is to tell you that you have an interview with the legislator for a job.

4. When your current job is due to end in a month and a half, and the interview you missed was the job you most wanted.

Yep... under the new definition, I am DEFINITELY pissed off.


amanda said...

oh that is sad I'm sorry Ben.

Anonymous said...

Ben, I usually detest the term "pissed off" but in this case I feel as if you have every right to use it freely. I'm sorry that you're getting dumped on like this. ~ jess