God does not have a Plan B.

Ok, everyone. I apologize. I realize that I’ve been pretty testy lately, and that my list of complaints seems not to have an end. I’m not usually a big fan of dumping my frustrations on people (ok, let’s be honest… I never give most of you the faintest clue of what’s going on in my life), but this past week I’ve been doing it all over the place. Quite frustrating.

God does not have a Plan B.

I think the reason for all this frustration, at the core, is my leaving for DC. I want SO BADLY to see people growing closer to God, and I worry a lot that my presence in CCF hasn’t fostered or encouraged that. At the same time, I’m sad to be leaving, and that can cause anyone to be a bit antsy. This isn’t to say that my whining is justified, but at least you see where I’m coming from.

God does not have a Plan B.

All this frustration has caused me to reevaluate. Why did I come to CCF? What am I doing here? Did I follow God’s will in being here, or am I wasting my time? Will anyone be able to look back and be glad that I was around? Do I exhibit even the slightest amount of Godliness or Christlkeness in my life?

God does not have a Plan B.

I was reminded, though, by several friends, that A) God is pleased with us not when we do what’s most effective, but when we follow him with everything we’ve got, and B) God IS fulflling his purpose in my life. I won’t always know the reasons for the weird things that happen, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t in control. Samantha said it best;

“God doesn’t have a Plan B.”

This simple phrase says so much. It says we shouldn’t worry. It says God is in complete control. It says he’s accomplishing what he wants to accomplish in your life. It says that no matter what happens, he was aware of it ahead of time and has planned accordingly. It says that we are exactly what he wants. It says he loves us. It says that the more we live a life that is focused on him and him alone, the greater our chance of hearing him say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

So what about you? Are you frustrated, sick of school, and confused about where God wants you? Worried about your future (come tell me, we’ll drown our sorrows in multiple cups of coffee)? Tired of trying?

God asks only that we love him with all our heart, all our soul, and all our mind. After that, he requires that we love others as we love ourselves. Nothing else will please him as much. Not school, not accomplishment, not even making the most effective or impactful decisions. God loves us completely, and knows what he wants for us.

And he does NOT have a Plan B.

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