Fun notes and pictures.

Ok, I have a series of more serious posts coming up, so I thought I'd throw a few fun things out there first.

First of all, to satisfy Jamie and any other Isaiah fans out there, here are a couple pictures.

Dude, chill.

Who are you people?

Me and My Buddy

The End of a Long Day... or 2 hour period.

Second, Drew complained that my last couple Moments of Beauty have featured Asians (Pavoratti and Al Pacino nonwithstanding). So, here is a decidedly non-Asian Moment of Beauty just for Drew. The singer is Eva Cassidy, and if you enjoy this song you'll likely enjoy this and this as well.

Finally, I definitely recommend that you see Prince Caspian. Here is a helpful review for your consideration!

Take care!


Drew said...

To the readers of Humble Beginnings,
If you know Ben, a little or a lot, you know that anything you say to him that does not compliment or agree with what He is saying or doing his response, in the case of non-academic matters, is name calling and/or labeling. That said, I did not “complain”; I only asked if there was a pattern. After all, he did marry an Asian. My assumptions were well founded in his lifestyle. Seriously, a white guy as the president of the CHINESE Christian fellowship that married an Asian that puts up “Moments of Beauty” should expect others to come to natural conclusions.
This is great. It is very good and enjoyable. The previous two, and the only two Moments of Beauty that I have see were also good and enjoyable.

Jamie Butts said...

Yippee! Terrific pictures... thanks for fulfilling my request. We'll expect his one month pictures when its time. :)

Jamie Butts said...
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Anne said...

Don't worry about serious posts...just keep the pictures of Isaiah coming!! He is SO cute:)


Danny Pelichowski said...

Congrats on having a baby! I know that you don't know me but I read your review at amazon of the shaping of things to come. I came across the book in a blog discussion I was having with my former youth pastor. I found your review to be very helpful so I posted it on my blog. I hope thats o.k. I am from southern California and moved to Louisville last September after getting married in July in order to attend Seminary at SBTS. I think you are still a student there. I am currently applying and Lord willing will start this fall. Anyways, maybe we will meet each other on campus. Thanks for the review brother.

Jamie Butts said...

You are overdue. :) Time for new pics again. :)

Julie said...

Congrats on the baby! I first found your blog last year when looking for info about UPBC (maybe you remember me, I left a comment for you, and we have a mutual friend in Bruce Black)

Anyway, I saw in my son's letter for JV camp that you will be there this year, so I just wanted to encourage you and let you know I am again praying for the leadership at camp to create a lasting impact on the boys and girls who will be attending this year.

So, congrats again on the new baby, he's cute! I guess I'll have to come back another day when I have more time to read over the last few months of posts, since I've obviously missed a lot.

Drew said...

ben come to my house for dinner leave at once your wife will b hr too drew