Ben never freezes, right? Always has something to say?


Today in Greek, I hit the wall. We're only beginning our third week, and already I've embarrassed myself. The professor asked me to translate a sentence. I got the first word correct... except that I didn't, because in reading further we saw that I had translated an article too soon.

Then I got the second word wrong. Not a little thing, either... I translated "God" as "Lord."

Then I got the next two words right... specifically, "of the."

Then I got the fifth word wrong. For some reason I couldn't come up with the word, "heavens."

Everyone waited patiently as I basically mangled a fairly simple sentence, something several people had done before me without mistake. Finally, the professor let someone else translate the second half of the sentence. I was humiliated.

It was especially frustrating, too, because if I WRITE the translation, I get it perfectly. For some reason I lose all confidence when I'm trying to speak.

Also, this professor is the leader of my accountability group, and now he pretty much thinks I'm either a) an idiot (possible) or b) too much of a slacker to study my lesson (actually, not true!).

Greek stinks.

I just feel absolutely awful right now.


Cece said...

Cheer up, speaking a new language takes time! I'm back in SPN class after a 4 semester break...and I've forgotten some of the most basic vocab words too =(

But having a good attitude does wonders! Greek is fun!!

amanda said...


Okay first of all, you do not stink at Greek. You just get confused when speaking. Secondly, I am sure your prof does not think you are an idiot. It has only been the third week in class and I am sure he knows there many other people who do not pick up the speaking part very easily. Finally, does it really matter what people think of you, honestly we all have different gifts and talents this one class may be one you will struggle in. I definatly know the feeling but it is reality not to be good at everything. Eventually you will have the language master to point you can speak it well and then you have to worry about the accent. I tend to have accent when I speak another language....
I hope Samantha was able to get a job.
Have a great day!!!

Luis Carlos said...

What matters is that you studied and you learned, and I'm sure your professor will realize that when you take written exams. Even Paul must have had stage fright when speaking koine Greek for the first time. But I'm certain that you will soon be able to debate predestination with Paul. However, I think he will win the debate. :)

Benjamin said...

Cute, Luis. You're right, I'm sure Paul knows more about predestination than I do. He'd probably quote himself... Ephesians 1:3-14!