College students back in town!

So, the college students are back! How exciting. Next thing you know, footballs will be flying, the leaves will be turning, and... that's right... Sunday School class starts again!

Hm. Maybe that's not that exciting. I'm excited, though; that counts for something, right?

Anyways, since the college folks are back in town and some of them check blogs once per day (maybe that will motivate me to post more often), I'll let you know the schedule.

Starting this Sunday (April 27) and not counting Labor Day Sunday, I'll be teaching a 5 week class on Membership, Governance, and the Purpose of the Church. The first week we'll talk about why God created the church, and in the following weeks we'll talk about how the church is organized and run. My hope is that everyone will both be more understanding of an more committed to their local church. Don't forget, class starts at 9:30!

On September 17, I'll be preaching. Don't know what the topic will be yet! Oh well. We'll see what God brings to mind. Anyways, thought I'd give you a heads up on that too.

Finally, after the 5 week session, new sessions will be starting up. My good friend Dave Cheng will be teaching on worship, a topic he is an expert on. In the meantime, I'll be teaching a class on the Principles of Personal Hermeneutics, or more simply, "Bible Intake." My purpose here will be to talk about some of the most important presuppositions we should have when we approach a passage of Scripture.

Also, it looks as though Dave will be starting a small groups at his house, especially for UBC college students! I'm certainly planning on going to that, though Dave will be teaching.

There are also a couple other small groups going on at UBC right now, and we'd love to have people join up.

That's all for now, but I'm looking forward to seeing everyone!


Benjamin said...

Heh, sometimes I'm dumb. Anyone interested in the subject matter of the "Bible Intake" class should just look at the post before this one entitled, "A Personal Hermeneutic." Enjoy!

amanda said...

thanks for the heads up I like sunday school more then football anyways! :)