A True Mentor

Well, I've been a little lax in my postings recently. Hopefully I'll improve, but we'll have to wait and see.

Have you ever had a true mentor? This person would be someone who knows you well, and can give thoughtful sympathy and advice. They can anticipate your weaknesses and inner struggles, and help you see the right way out.

Most of us would say no, because we rarely have the opportunity to let someone with more wisdom than we have get that close to us. Today, though, I'm especially thankful for my books, because they provide that same wisdom. Great authors pour out their hearts and minds, and I get to listen and consider and be changed by their wisdom.

Are you open to what books can teach you? Or do you really believe that you don’t need help from anyone in seeking wisdom?

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amanda said...

Hi, well of course I would have to say no to the actually having a mentor. I typically make my own decision that are swayed by what my peers are doing at the time. I love reading Christian authors some give me a sense of peace like the bible does. Others give me practical advice on how I should live my life while other stir something in me that wants me to take action. I sometimes wish these passion would continue but this is my struggle. I don't like every book I read.