Her Time Came

It was about 6:15 this morning when it happened.

My dad woke me up and asked me to get my sister. I did so, while he went and woke my brothers. The five of us sat together and watched my mother's life slip away.

The tears were hard, but subdued. We certainly couldn't complain of having no warning. We cried for a while. Eventually my dad had to go and call someone to take the body away.

After that, we spent a few minutes “wandering,” just dealing with our hurt. We then prayed together.

Now we’re just trying to think about the next step. It’s amazing how much the loss of one person can change your outlook on things, even when it’s someone you interact with only every other week or so.

I love my mom. Today is going to be a hard day.


kc said...

I'm praying for your family and you, Ben.

amanda said...

it does impact you

Anonymous said...

We'll be praying for you guys.

-david wei wu

Cece and Fefe said...

I pray that you and your family will stay strong.