Blah Summer

Well, we picked out an apartment! It’s pretty straightforward; third floor, heat and air, the usual. Most importantly, though, it’s in a good location and isn’t too expensive. Of course, it sure would help if there were a job to go along with it, but I suppose that’s a different prayer to be answered.

Summer is a rather blah time, isn’t it? Even working seems listless when it’s hot out. My friend Paul advised that when I have lots of free time, I should be careful to structure it to make sure that I’m being productive. I follow that, but it doesn’t fix the feeling of being bored.

Today I’m going to the rehearsal of the third wedding that I’m in this summer. After this, only two more to go (including mine)! Goodness, what a whacky time.

Also, I picked out my tux. My Asian friends ought to be impressed: It’s got 5 buttons (semi-asian style) and the vest is black and silver. I went easy on my guys. ;-)

Ok, so that’s all for my boring update. More to come later. Hang in there with your reading and devos!


Winky said...

Congrats!!!! Wow... you are getting married, it must be very exciting! I'm very happy for you

amanda said...

I can not wait to see you and samantha at the wedding :).