If you missed that last blog, don't sweat it. It's not for the faint of heart (or the light of reading). Basically, I'm struggling with some intense philosophical and theological issues right now, and I'm going to be working on them. :-)

On a lighter note, Dave and I finally removed the stupid tree from the back yard! Chopping wood is awesome. It makes you feel quite manly, even when your hands are ringing and arms are shaking (actually, that just adds to the experience).

The job hunt is still a failure so far. I feel like such an idiot, though I suppose that's probably good for me.

The Tigers won on opening day! They're headed for the playoffs this year, I can feel it.

Have a great day! Also, I've noticed a COMPLETE lack of new nickname suggestions, which says to me that I either have a shy readership, or else I don't HAVE a readership... with the latter being the more likely. Oh well. Have a nice day anyhow.


amanda said...

I read this entry .... heh. I'm just shy sometimes, I'm sure whatever you come with will be fine. hope you find a job!!!

Fred said...

Hi Goldie!
Can't wait to seeya soon!

Pei said...

i do read your blog from time to time. :). your entries stimulate my brain.