Well, dear reader, I apologize for the long drought of blogs. Hopefully this site will work better! Also, myy discipline in writing these things is less than impressive! Fear not, though, because in general that means things are going well. Lately, life has been quite enjoyable.

For starters, relationships have been excellent. Despite SEVERAL tussles with friends, problems have consistently worked out in a positive manner. This is extremely important to me, and so several successes in this area have greatly boosted my mood of late.

Next, my relationship with God is more comfortable than usual. I know in my HEAD that Christianity isn¡¦t a clinical, theological thing only, but transfering that to my heart is a struggle. Still, God has been revealing things to me that have been putting me back on the path to being tight with God emotionally as well as spiritually and mentally.

Third, school has been moving along smoothly. Though my classes are very hard and mentally tiring, I enjoy them. I love the challenge, and I love it when God¡¦s answers meet and defeat the best the world has to offer.

Finally, though this is also a relationship thing, I¡¦ve been enjoying much improved relationships with the guys of CCF. I still love the girls just as much, of course, but it¡¦s been such a blessing to hang out with people who understand better, have a similar thought process, and for whom you don¡¦t have to be careful with what you say.

This was especially true on Saturday, when we watched football, went rock climbing (which I WILL defeat before I graduate, even if I have to stand in line the morning of the ceremony), watched some great movies (We Were Soldiers and Boondock Saints; guy movies all the way!), and just enjoyed being guys. Good stuff! Hopefully this will help us start bringing more guys into CCF. Operation Integration has begun!

Ok, so everyone knows that I wouldn¡¦t do this if I didn¡¦t have an issue to raise. Question: Where is the line between argument, which is spoken against several times in the New Testament, and defense of the faith, which is also spoken of many times (Acts 17 is especially telling for those who study philosophy)?
It¡¦s such a big part of who I am¡K I have no answers at this point. More on this later, hopefully. It sure is something to think about.

Anyways, I¡¦m really excited for life right now. Needing a little enthusiasm? Let me ¡§hook you up¡¨! Life is a joy, despite the hospital trips, emotional arguments, tough classes, atheistic teachers, missed opportunities, long nights, and lack of answers. When you can take all that on and keep going with a big smile on your face, you know God is infecting you with the Joy of the Lord. Keep it coming!

Well, talk to you later. I hope next time to challenge Jared¡¦s role-playing analogies with (more interesting) movie analogies, though I don't know that I can do so as effectively as he. ƒº

Till next time¡K

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